How Did I Know This Was Going To Happen.

For the anon asking for one about doing an internship and you end up living with Dan while you`re doing it. Ahh, i hope you like this.
Feel free to request whatever anon or not :)

“Hey Dan, it`s (y/n). I`ve got to do my internship in London, so I was wondering..” You started saying into the phone when Dan cut you off by saying, “Yes! Yes! (y/n) you`re staying with Phil and myself whether you like it or not during your internship.”
You started laughing,” Well, I was going to ask but looks like I don`t have to now.”
You told him when you would be coming to London and worked it all out with him. You hadn`t seen Dan or Phil in ages, so it was going to be great to see them again. Especially Dan, you kind of had a soft spot for him but seriously who wouldn`t?
The time came around quickly and before you knew it, you were off to London. Dan was there to meet you at the airport. He came running up to you and embraced you into a hug. Phil was busy so he couldn`t come to greet you but you didn`t mind. You got to spend some time with Dan.
“It`s so good to see you again (y/n), I’ve missed you so much.” He told you.
“Yeah and I’ve missed you way more then I should have.” You muttered.
“What was that?” he asked you.
“Oh nothing Dan, it`s good to see you too.”
“Come on, let`s go then. Before we get lost in this crowd.” He responded grabbing onto your hand.
You felt a surge of warmth run through your body, your cheeks felt like they were burning. You knew the only reason why he grabbed a hold of your hand was so you wouldn`t get lost in the crowd but just a simple touch of his like that could send you crazy.
Once you got back to his, Dan took you inside. You hadn`t been to their place in so long that you forgot that they only had two bedrooms so you wondered where they expected you to stay.
“Ah, Dan so where`s my room?” you asked him.
“Oh you can take your pick, the couch or you can share my bed. Personally I reckon my bed would be the better choice.” He teased.
You felt your face turn red and he must have noticed for he said,” Oh don`t worry, I was only joking. We`ve got a spare mattress that you can use while you`re here. Still, my bed is still an option.”
“Dan!” you snapped.
“I`m sorry.” He laughed.
“I`ve got to go pick up Phil, I would take you but it`s getting dark and you`re probably tried. I`ll get you your mattress tomorrow, for now just make yourself comfy wherever.” He continued saying as he made his way for the door.
Once he left you made your way up into his room, after all he did say it was an option. You were going to move once he got home though. You got in under his sheets and soon fell fast asleep.
Next thing you felt a pair of warm, strong arms wrap around you. You woke to remember that you were in Dans bed. “Oh shit, I’ll go out to the couch now Dan.” You said trying to get up out of his bed.
However when you went to get up he pulled you back, you lost your balance and almost ended up on top of him. He smiled,” You`re here now, you may as well stay.”
You smiled and gazed back into his eyes that were gleaming up at you. You felt like now was the perfect time to tell him how you really felt but before you could say anything his lips were already on yours kissing you.
He pulled back and said,” god, i`m sorry.”
You just smiled and pulled him back into another kiss. Once you pulled away you whispered,” Don`t be.”
You wrapped yourself around him and rested your head in on his chest. You fell asleep to the sound of his breath and his heartbeat.
The next thing you could remember was Phil standing in Dans doorway saying,” How did I know this was going to happen when you told me (y/n) was staying with us for a while.”